Stripe API Settings

To payment Using Stripe you have to use this future.(optional)

1. Go to Dashboard » Reservations » Stripe.

2. Enter the required information into given text fields

Live Mode: To set payment mode for transactions.

Note :

if your live mode is disable than it work with TEST Keys & if live mode is enable then it works with LIVE Keys.

Test Secret Key: Enter your twilio secret key.

Test Publishable Key: Enter you test publishable key.

Live Secret Key: Enter your google secret key.

Live Publishable Key: Enter your google publishable key.

3. Enter details in other settings.

To set site identity,currency, image & form.

Site Name: Set your site OR store name.

Currency: Set currency using 3-letter IOS Code.

Currency Symbol: Set symbol for your currency.

Image URL: Display posts in 4 columns grid.

Payment Form Title: Set title here for your payment form.

Checkout Button Label: Set button label to display for form.

4. Set Stripe Form Color

1. Header Background Color : To set form header color.

2. Body Background Color : To set form body color.

3. Header Text Color : To set header text color.

4. Body Text Color : To set body text color.

5. Border Color : To set border color.

5. Save settings.